NY Customs and Border Protection ensuring Valentines Day flowers are insect-free


At international ports of entry, land borders, and mail facilities, CBP Agriculture Specialists are the front line in the fight against the introduction of harmful insects, pests, and diseases into the United States.

NEW YORK, N.Y. (WWTI) — This Valentines Day, Customs and Border Protection are playing a special role in making sure bouquets are delivered without any extra “friends.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reported that their Agricultural Specialists, working at the New York and New Jersey area ports of entry, are ensuring that imported flowers used in Valentine’s Day bouquets are free from harmful pests, insects and diseases.

The CBP reported that so far in Fiscal Year 2021, Agricultural Specialists in New York have processed approximately 30 million cut flowers from over 54 countries, including jasmine, tuberose, roses, tulips and orchids.

However any of these flower can carry pest or invasive species that have the ability to harm both the agricultural and floral industries.

“Valentine’s Day flowers can be a lovely present for that special someone, however they can carry pests that could cause serious damage to our Nation’s agriculture and natural resources,” said New York Field Operations Acting Director Marty Raybon. “This is why our CBP Agriculture Specialists are posed every holiday season to prevent the introduction of harmful insects and diseases in the United States.”

The CBP also included data regarding the number of stem-cut flowers inspected by specialists in New York during Fiscal Year 2021.

MonthJFKNewarkNYFO Total
October 20209,789,319340,80010,130,119
November 20208,048,852102,6638,151,515
December 20205,576,67747,3255,624,002
January 20214,074,321843,8004,918,121
February 2021245,7410189,703
As of February 5, 2021

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