NEW YORK (WWTI) — New York State Sea Grant published a suite of lake sturgeon educational resources that will help support student and public awareness about one of the Great Lakes’ largest and longest-living native fish.

New York Sea Grant received a grant from the Disney Conservation Fund which allowed them to discover a Lake Sturgeon Intermediate Curriculum with activities that meet Next Generation Science and Learning Standards for grades 4-6. Materials will include digital worksheets, field sampling equipment, a fish tracking tag, and the Tale of a Great White Fish book about a fish facing survival challenges similar to those threatening the lake sturgeon.

The Lake Sturgeon Intermediate Curriculum, teaching resources, and six-part video series that were produced in a partnership with Cornell University are available for free online.

“New York Sea Grant’s new suite of lake sturgeon-related conservation and education resources are designed to serve as a springboard into the world of science, environmental stewardship, and STEM-based careers by featuring this charismatic and threatened species that is so important to the Great Lakes region.” Said New York Sea Grant’s Great Lakes Fisheries and Ecosystem Health Specialist Stacy Furgal.

Teachers that are interested in obtaining a curriculum along with supplemental resources can contact Nate Drag at 716-645-3610, or via email at