(WWTI) – On, National I Care About You Day, show the people around you that you care.

Humans are wired for relationships; thriving when connected and feeling lonely when disconnected. No amount of money can make your emotional pain heal, but friends can. Material things can’t possibly do what other people can do.

Northwestern University health experts have pinpointed some of the positive effects of healthy relationships:

  • You’ll be less stressed;
  • Have better healing;
  • Have healthier behaviors;
  • A Greater sense of purpose; and
  • A Longer life span.

Healthy relationships set the tone for an overall healthy lifestyle and give us a greater sense of purpose.

One Love has a list of ways to show someone you love them:

  1. Be an Active Listener: Listening is something you consciously choose to do, in other words, a good listener pays attention with the intention of understanding the other person. This involves not just hearing what the other person is saying but actively participating in the conversation by asking thoughtful questions.
  2. Ask Them How They Are Doing: However, be specific. Ask them about whatever is new in their life or a recent project they started; it sounds simple enough but this will show that you care about what is going on in their life.
  3. Don’t Scroll and Talk: It’s good to disconnect and focus on being in the moment, show them you care by giving them your undivided attention.
  4. Make Time for Them: While you shouldn’t be expected to spend all of your time with them; making time for them shows them how much you care. A healthy relationship gives each person room to pursue their interests while also creating time for each other.
  5. Hang Out With Their Friends: Trying to get to know their friends will signal to them that you care about the people they care about and that you want to be a part of their world.
  6. Send Them Random Cute Messages: Sending funny GIFs, cute emojis or just random sweet messages such as “Thinking of you” or “Hey beautiful, hope you are having a great day” is a cute way to show them they are on your mind.
  7. Leave a Love Note: It’s not common to receive handwritten notes but small gestures like these show that you are thinking of and appreciate them enough to write a thoughtful note.
  8. Show Affection in Public: You don’t have to do anything over-the-top, a nice little hand squeeze or a peck on the cheek is all you need to show you care.
  9. Be Their Loudest Supporter: By encouraging and supporting them in their goals you are showing them that you want to see them do well and care about their happiness.
  10. Get Them Their Favorite Snack: Pick it up on your way to see them. It is a simple and easy way to put a smile on their face.
  11. Make Their Favorite Dinner: Preparing a special meal for them will take some effort on your part but that’s okay because that is what makes it special.
  12. Support Them Through Tough Times: Simply giving them the space to vent without offering advice can go a long way.
  13. Lighten Their Load: As long as you don’t feel like you are expected to always do all of the housework, it’s a nice gesture and is sure to make them happy.
  14. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Relinquishing the need to have the last word and knowing how to let go of things will help you build a solid foundation for a healthy relationship.
  15. Show Appreciation: Tell them what you appreciate about them or tell others what you appreciate about them when you are together in a group; also, saying thank you goes a long way.
  16. Celebrate What Makes Them Unique: Celebrate their little quirks and let them be themselves. By doing this, you create a safe space for them to let their guard down and be their true selves.
  17. Be Spontaneous: Watching their face light up when you surprise them is probably the best gift you can receive and is a fun way to show them you love them.
  18. Ask For Advice: It isn’t really about needing help to make a decision, it’s more of a gesture to show that you value what they have to say and you want them to be a part of whatever you are doing.

Happy National I Care About You Day!