Officials begin reducing outflows from Lake Ontario to assist marinas


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Officials will begin reducing outflows from Lake Ontario this weekend.

The International Lake Ontario- St. Lawrence River Board announced on Thursday that it will temporarily reduce outflows on Lake Ontario as water levels remain low on Lake St. Lawrence. Outflows will be decreased starting at noon on October 8 through noon on Monday, October 11.

According to the Board, doing this will aim to increase water levels on Lake St. Lawrence. It is specifically intended to provide marinas and shoreline dock owners with assistance at the end of the season to remove recreational boats.

This is a discretionary action that the Board considers pending current and forecast water levels throughout the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system at the end of a given boating season”, United States Co-Chair of the Board Steve Durrett said in a press release.

As of the morning on October 6, water levels on Lake St. Lawrence were approximately 72.86 meters or 239.05 feet. Lake Ontario outflows will be temporarily reduced by approximately 600 m3/s or 21,189 CFS.

Officials stated that this will aim to reach a target water level of about 73.10 meters, or 239.83 feet on Lake St. Lawrence at the Long Sault Dam during the second weekend in October. Water levels on Lake Ontario are expected to be less than one centimeter or approximately one-third of one inch higher than normal as a result.

Additionally, there is expected to be a temporary decrease in water levels downstream at Lake St. Louis and Montreal, bringing water levels close to the long-term seasonal average.

The Board also confirmed that the water that was maintained on Lake Ontario during major deviations that took place from late May through mid-July, will be retained on Lake Ontario through mid-October.

Information on hydrologic conditions, water levels and outflows are available on the International Lake Ontario- St. Lawrence River Board’s website.

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