WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — In a weekly report from the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers, officials provided a forecast on what the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River will look like in the near future.

Officials are predicting water levels across most of the Great Lakes to decline by the beginning of next month. By September 6, the USACE predicts that water levels on Lake Ontario will decline by two to five inches. This is the same for all other Great Lakes except Lake Superior.

Additionally, although water levels are above their long-term average August levels on most the lakes, Lake Ontario remains below average.

However, for the upcoming week, water levels for most of the Great Lakes basin are predicted to range from one to five inches above levels from a month ago. According to officials, this is due to high precipitation rates during the month of July. The forecasted monthly outflow through the St. Lawrence River is also predicted to be above average in August.

Specifically, the forecasted water level for August 6 on Lake Ontario is 245.60 feet, which is an increase of five inches compared to July 6, 2021. This is also a decrease in 10 inches compared to the same time last year.

In the report, officials also warned that water levels at specific locations may differ substantially due to meteorological influences. Local residents are urged to check current conditions before undertaking any activities that could be affected by changing water levels.