Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority expansion project to begin in 2021

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OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWTI) — A major project at the Ogdensburg Bridge will officially break ground this year.

The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority’s deepening and expansion project will officially begin in 2021. This was confirmed by Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer on Monday. This project will aim to increase the amount of ships able to dock at the port at one time.

According to Senator Schumer, funding was initially secured from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deepen the Ogdensburg Harbor channel in 2017. However, the project was delayed as additional funds were being sought to complete the second phase of the project.

Schumer confirmed on April 12 that additional funding has been secured from the New York State Department of Transportation.

“Whether it’s more business or increased shipments from current customers, the Ogdensburg Harbor will now, quite literally, be more open for business,” said Senator Schumer. “I was proud to work side-by-side with OBPA, NYSDOT and USACE to ensure that federal funding for this project was not withdrawn while additional funding was secured. With full funding now locked in place, this long awaited project will allow Port of Ogdensburg to continue to play a key role in the region’s economy.”

Specifically, Senator Schumer announced that $6.9 million will fund the two phases of the project.

The first phase of the project will include deepening the Ogdensburg Harbor to ease congestion, reduce shipping costs and help with future business opportunities. Phase two of the project would add 500 feet to the port’s west side dock wall to create a second vessel bearth at seaway depth.

A specific date for the ground breaking of this project has yet to be announced.

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