OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWTI) — The City of Ogdensburg Fire Department has reduced its Hazard Pay amount.

This was confirmed in a published letter addressed to IAFF Local 1799 President Jason Bouchard from Ogdensburg City Manager and Fire Chief Stephen Jellie.

According to Jellie, the City has reduced the Hazard Pay amount to $3 per member which was based on current staffing levels and the inability to increase staffing levels to assign six members per workgroup.

Jellie said in his letter that Ogdensburg’s current Civil Service list has no candidates and is not set to have a new Firefighter candidate list until the Fall of 2022.

Additionally, Jellie said that Ogdensburg will maintain the minimum staffing level of four firefighters for 2022 and once enough new personnel graduate from the first available Fire Academy in 2023, it will increase the minimum to five through 2025 and maintain 20 work shift positions.

However, Jellie said that to make this model work changes need to be made. This includes modifying the Fire Department’s organizational structure, reducing hazard pay to $3 per hour for the remainder of 2022, eliminating hazard pay for 2023 through 2025, reducing from two firefighters on a scheduled vacation and foregoing the EMT Stipends for 2022-2025.

Jellie’s full letter to President Jason Bouchard can be read below: