ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — A man from the town of Marshall faces felony charges after allegedly having sexual contact with an underage female child.

Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Derrick O’Meara provided information on the arrest. O’Meara is also the Director of the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center.

According to O’Meara, the investigation began on May 18 when the Child Advocacy Center was notified that an adult male had subjected a 15-year-old female child to sexual contact. The case was then assigned to Sheriff’s Investigator Mark R. Chrysler.

Investigator Chrysler’s investigation revealed that 36-year-old Jody A. Hartle Jr. had subjected the child to sexual contact at the beginning of May 2022.

On May 20 Investigator Chrysler arrested Hartle Jr. at his residence in the Town of Marshall with the assistance of Sheriff’s Sgt. Melissa Bolton and Investigator Tyler Barnes, as well as Sheriff’s Road Patrol Sgt. Stephen Manley and Deputy Brian Warcup.

After the arrest, Hartle was transported to the Sheriff’s Office where he was processed and charged with one count of Rape in the Third Degree which is a class E Felony. After processing, he was taken to the Sheriff’s Correctional Facility where he was arraigned at CAP Court and held on $15,000 cash bail and a $30,000 bond.

Services have been offered to the victim and an order of protection was issued on behalf of the child.