‘Operation Back Road:’ DEC Police issued 240 tickets for road hunting offenses during 2020 hunting seasons


(photo: Storyblocks)

NEW YORK (WWTI) — DEC Police Officers have been highlighted in their work with “Operation Back Road.”

The New York State Department of Conservation is highlighting Environmental Conservation Police Officers for their work in the statewide initiative, “Operation Back Road.” The initiative primarily focuses on targeting illegal hunting from roads.

According to the DEC, during the 2020 season ECOs used technology, local intelligence and 147 hours to catch poachers in New York State hunting from their vehicles, or along roadways. Over 300 hours, ECOS caught 19 suspects for shooting at the decoys.

These incidents resulted in 37 misdemeanors, 29 violations of the Environmental Conservation Law and seven additional charges outside of the law.

Overall, during the 2020 fall hunting season, ECO’s statewide issued over 244 tickets for road hunting-related offenses.

Operation Back Road was conducted by DEC ECO’s during the last two weeks of the Northern Zone and last three weeks of the Southern Zone 2020 hunting season.

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