WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Overhead Door Company located in Watertown is recovering after a fire spread to their building.

According to a post from the company, the neighboring business caught fire during the early morning on Saturday which eventually spread to the Overhead Door Company building. As a result, the back half of the main building was completely lost and the rest experienced severe water and smoke damage.

However, the company’s main warehouse where their trucks and materials are stored was not damaged. The business announced that they will be opening again on Tuesday as they work to get their computers back online.

The company plans on working remotely until they can get temporary work trailers in place. They ask that customers contact employees over the phone or email as they work on transferring their main phone line to a cell phone. They also assured their customers that all of their computer records are stored off-site so they all remain intact.

Those who had installation or service work planned for Monday will be receiving a phone call from the company to reschedule the work. Services that were planned for Tuesday will stay as scheduled. Customers will receive a call if the company is not able to come and supply their services until a later date.

The company also shared employee’s phone numbers if customers need to reach them as well as their appreciation for the firefighters who arrived at the scene, and their customer’s patience as they move forward from the devastating loss.