(WWTI) — A new subscription service is coming to Panera Bread locations across the country.

On April 19, Panera announced the launch of “Unlimited Sip Cup,” the nationwide unlimited beverage subscription.

This is an expansion to Panera’s unlimited coffee subscription and applies to all self-serve drinks including hot and iced coffee, hot and ice teas, Agave Lemonade, Pepsi-Cola fountain beverages and Panera’s Charged Lemonades.

Subscription members can receive on self-serve beverage every two hours during regular bakery-cafe hours, including free refills.

Panera is offering free subscriptions to the Unlimited Sip Club through July 4.

Following this promotion, Unlimited Sip Club will be available for $10.99 per month to Panera’s free loyalty program members, MyPanera®. Members can register for the subscription on the Panera website, mobile app or in-store kiosk.