PARISHVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District is continuing to reconstruct its school lunch program following.

This is through the District’s Reimagining School Lunch group that has been meeting since January following a viral social media post from a displeased parent.

The photo featured below, showed four chicken nuggets, white rice and a side of carrots on a cafeteria tray and resulted in heated discussions online regarding the District’s “lacking” school lunches.

Viral photo of school lunch at Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District (courtesy: Christopher Vangellow)

In response, the PHCSD formed its Reimagining School Lunch group which is comprised of students, parents and representatives from the Parishville-Hopkinton Wellness Committee.

The group shared its progress on April 14, listing milestones the school lunch program is making to create a “more enjoyable dining experience” for its students.

The first accomplishments made by the group included the purchase of new “Panther Red” trays for the District’s cafeteria. These are set to replace old chipped, sand-colored trays. Additionally, plastic silverware has been replaced with metal silverware and glass front refrigerators have been rotated to face students.

New cafeteria furniture will soon be ordered, the group said with hopes to create more of a “food court” or “college campus dining hall” atmosphere.

PHCSD also confirmed that following April break, its Courtyard will reopen with six round picnic tables equipped with umbrellas for upperclassmen.

The District is also looking to bring back a salad bar for students and staff.

The Parishville-Hopkinton Board of Education will soon be examining exiting the BOCES Food Service and hiring an Executive Chef to run its kitchen. The District said that objectives for this position include offering more appetizing meals, strategic portioning, more fresh fruits and vegetables, more collaboration with local farmers and providing positive first experiences with new foods.

The final accomplishment listed confirmed that PHCS will be one of the inaugural schools working with a new composting farm in the North Country.

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Reimagining School Lunch group is set to meet again in early May.