LEWIS COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — Lewis County Humane Society is set to receive a $5,000 grant to save and improve the lives of pets in the county.

The grant is being provided by the national nonprofit Petco Love. The organization will present the humane society with the investment at a celebration at the Watertown Petco located at 21851 Towne Center Drive in Watertown on Thursday, June 16 at 11 a.m.

Petco Love was founded in 1999, and since then has invested $330 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. The organization also partners with Petco and more than 4,000 other organizations to help pets get adopted. More information can be found on the organization’s website. President of Petco Love Susanne Kogu said that the organization is proud to support humane animal shelters across the country.

“Our investment in The Lewis County Humane Society is part of more than $15M in investments recently, announced by Petco Love to power local organizations across the country as part of our commitment to create a future in which no pet is unnecessarily euthanized,” Kogut said. “Our local investments are only part of our strategy to empower animal lovers to drive lifesaving change right alongside us. We recently celebrated the one-year launch anniversary of Petco Love Lost, a national lost and found database that uses pet facial recognition technology to simplify the search for lost pets.”

The Lewis County Humane Society owns and operates a no-kill animal shelter on Pine Grove Road located in Glenfield. The donation will have a positive impact on the shelter since it relies on donations from supporters since shelter expenses far exceed our revenue. President of Lewis County Humane Society Cheryl Steiner explained what the donation will be used for and how it will benefit the humane society.

“We intend to use this grant to further Petco Love’s commitment to ensure no pets are unnecessarily euthanized. We will do this by utilizing it to send problematic dogs to training to increase their adoption chances. It will also be used to spay and neuter more felines in our community,” Steiner said. “We’ve recently had several stray felines come into our shelter in very poor condition, one of which required humane euthanization as our vets couldn’t save it. We wish to help end the suffering of the kitties and the emotional heartbreak of our animal care workers through spaying and neutering.”

The Lewis County Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that provides care, comfort, and kindness to companion animals without homes, serving the Lewis County and surrounding areas. Since 1915, The Lewis County Humane Society has helped animals find their forever homes and promote responsible pet ownership.

Additionally, the humane society has taken in 1757 dogs and cats, adopted out 1449, and spayed or neutered 769 of them in the last three years. They have also been able to reunite 175 pets with their owners. More information can be found on the Lewis County Humane Society website.