AKWESASNE (WWTI) — A petroleum spill is affecting local wildlife and may be a health hazard to some residents.

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe confirmed that on December 13, its Emergency Response Team was activated to inspect the petroleum that had spread to Tribal Property. This was located at the intersection of State Route 37 and Frogtown Road in Akwesasne, New York.

According to the Tribe, the spill area was traced to a pump discharging from a construction site located south of the former-Broken Arrow Gas Station’s Petroleum Bulk Storage Tanks.

The Emergency Response Team also said that petroleum contaminants moved from the spill area, entered the stormwater collection system at the intersection and were discharged to the roadside ditch that runs along Frogtown Road.

Officials stated that the petroleum release ran from the ditch downstream to an unnamed tributary that flows north under State Route 37 to its confluence with the Raquette River.

The SRMT stated that a complete assessment of the petroleum spill, including its full extent and impact to resources is ongoing. An incident report was also made to the National Response Center’s Spill Notification System.

Temporary measures are now being used to contain the spill until a long-term remedy is available. Residents and visitors are asked to avoid contact with the absorbent materials that have been placed along the spill, but avoid the area if possible and report any fish or wildlife impacts.