LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) — A threat made through the Lowville Central School District has been labeled “non-credible.”

Early in the morning on Friday, November 5, Lowville Superintendent Rebecca Dunckel-King issued a message to the school community regarding threats made on Thursday night.

According to Dunckel-King, the District received reports that two of its students made threats to the district as a whole and two faculty members. Dunckel-King said the reports initially came from second-and third-hand student accounts.

With the information, the District administration immediately contacted the Lowville Village Police. Along with Police, Lowville Administration began interviewing involved students, along with their parents or guardians. Police Officers then determined these as non-credible threats.

“We are so grateful to the students and staff who reported this information,” Dunckel-King said in a message to the community. “Their prompt reporting enabled us to work with law enforcement personnel during the evening and early morning hours so that we can be in a position to have a safe and uninterrupted school day today.  These students’ actions reinforce the need for everyone in the community who see something, to say something.”

Heightened police presence will be at the school to ensure student and staff security. The District confirmed it will work with the State Police and Lowville Village Police throughout Friday.