PULASKI, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Village of Pulaski Police Department is continuing to warn residents of scams that are circulating in the area.

The department reported in June that an elderly couple from the community lost $36,000 in a phone scam, and now they are warning of other ways scammers are trying to obtain money from residents. According to police, they have received reports of two other ways scammers are trying to get access to residents’ money.

Police stated that on July 5 a young girl was on a dating website when she came across a man who said he would help her out with rent money. He allegedly asked her to add him to her bank account so he could transfer her $2,000, which she did.

The man then told her that she needed to send back $1,500, which she did. However, he canceled the payment to her account causing her to overdraft her account by $1,500. Police stated that the girl’s bank is still holding her accountable for the overdraft.

The department also warned that a scam is circulating that is a website that provides phone numbers to girls who will talk with residents and advertises explicit conversations. The scammers will then use residents’ phone numbers to text them and claim they are from the gang ” MS 13″, say that they wasted their girls’ time, and threaten them for money.

Police stated that the scammers are persistent and say if they do not pay them a certain amount, they will go to their house and enact physical harm on them and their family. The department advised residents to stay away from the websites and reminded them that a lot of personal information can be found on the internet by scammers which can be used to threaten their victims, even if they have no access to them or their families.

Police stated that many of the scams circulating are numbers calling from Texas. Residents are encouraged to let numbers that they don’t recognize go to voicemail. Anyone with questions or think they themselves or someone they know is being scammed is encouraged to call the Pulaski Police at 315-298-7525. More information on how to prevent being a victim of a scam call can be found here.