Unique brook trout found in Tug Hill forest



WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — A unique brook trout, referred to as the “heritage trout,” has been found in the Heart of the Tug Hill.

According to the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust, Trout Unlimited and Trout Power, the three have discovered a genetically unique brook trout. According to the partnership, the trout has been found in some of the most isolated headwater streams in the Tug Hill Forest.

According to Trout Unlimited and Trout Power, the discovery emphasizes the importance of protecting habitats in the Adirondacks and North Country regions.

“The uniqueness of the sampled trout appears to be even more pure or distinct than
other unique strains identified in the Adirondacks,” said Paul Miller, a local member
of Trout Unlimited and Trout Power, and a board member of Tug Hill Tomorrow
Land Trust. Miller continued, “This is significant, and means we should do all we can
to avoid jeopardizing this genetically unique strain of brook trout. Protecting their
habitat is the most important and effective means of ensuring their survival.”

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust stated that the trout show no signs of genetic mixing, appearing to be native strains.

The Tug Hill Chapter of Trout Unlimited conducted the field study in 2019 in which they made the discovery. Genetic analysis was performed by the State University of New York at Albany


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