WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWTI) — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has called on the Canadian Government to end certain travel requirements at the Northern Border.

Specifically, in a letter to Canadian Ambassador Kirsten Hillman, Rep. Stefanik focused on the use of the ArriveCAN app, which requires travelers visiting Canada to provide their contact information, travel plans and proof of vaccination.

Rep. Stefanik called the app “cumbersome,” claiming that the app has caused travelers to “stay home” and has “hurt the economics of Northern Borde communities.”

In the letter, she also listed reported app glitches as well as technology in accessibilities. She said this contributed to the backlog of travelers at the Northern Border.

“Recently, the app also suffered a number of glitches, leading a number of people to erroneously quarantine upon entering Canada. Additionally, those crossing the border are often unfamiliar with the ArriveCAN app’s burdensome requirements and do not complete them until arrival at a Canadian port of entry. This creates significant backlogs of travelers as they clear customs,” Stefanik stated.

The full letter can be read below: