ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. (WWTI) — After two years of construction and many more of donations and a multimillion-dollar capital campaign, River Hospital in Alexandria Bay, N.Y. has completed their largest modernization renovation project in the facilities history. 

The project included the expansion of a New Medical Office Building, intense hospital renovations in the emergency department, laboratory and cardiopulmonary departments, pre and post anesthesia care unit, integration of specialized services, which are already being provided to the community.

According to River Hospital Chief Executive Officer Emily Mastaler, this will help increase capabilities for localized patient care.

“Thinking about where we are on the [St. Lawrence] River, and recreation in the summer, making sure that the facility really aligns with a seasonal population; people who live here year round; people who recreate here, and that we are here to support all of it,” stated Mastaler.

The project itself was supported both through community support and employee giving with over $4million raised through their capital campaign and $100 thousand through the hospital’s employee giving campaign.

River Hospital Director of Developement Stephanie Weiss stated that the community support did not go unnoticed.

“Really it just took a little bit of everybody, but we went past out $4 million goal and that was amazing to see what a difference that could make for the hospital. And the pride that the community has and really step up for the hospital once again” shared Weiss.

Chief Nursing Officer Arminder Hunter also shared her recent experience with patients following the projects completion.

“A lot of people see this as their hometown hospital,” stated Hunter. “Being located where I am in the facility I overhear a lot of patients talking about the hospital. Especially their overall opinion walking through the door.”

Hunter stated that many have expressed amazement and excited.

CEO Mastaler emphasized that the hospital is “making sure that [they] are keeping essential care local for the people that need it the most.

And with the expansion being completed during the COVID-19 pandemic, River Hospital believed that this will help to support rural areas in the North Country during unprecedented times.

Watch the full interview with River Hospitals CEO, Chief Nursing Officer ad Director of Development above.

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