SACKETS HARBOR, N.Y. (WWTI) — Golf carts may be coming to the streets of Sackets Harbor.

Sackets Habor Mayor Alex Morgia has started a conversation to potentially allow golf carts on Village roads. This would allow these vehicles to both travel and park throughout Sackets Harbor.

According to Morgia, allowing golf carts would create slower traffic, more parking, business opportunities and increased accessibility.

In his proposal, the Mayor referred to other tourist destinations that allow golf carts, such as Key West, Florida and Daniels Island, South Carolina. Morgia argued that carts have become a part of the “charm” of these locations.

He said that golf carts typically have a maximum speed limit of 15 miles per hour, which would push prevailing traffic to lower speeds and increase safety within the walkable community.

Another main point Morgia made was that because not “everyone walks everywhere,” golf carts could be used for simpler tasks such as running errands and eating out. This would create more parking opportunities as two or tree carts fit into one vehicle spot.

Morgia added that there have been proposals regarding village-wide historical tours and delivery services for local residents, but of which could utilize golf carts.

However, Morgia confirmed that having golf carts would not be a “free-for-all.” Rules of the road would still apply such as DUI/DWI. Carts would have to be equipped with lights to drive them after sunset.

Additional regulations would also have to be enacted if golf carts are permitted.

Morgia first proposed this idea at the Sackets Harbor Village Board meeting on Tuesday, May 10. He said he expects to board to vote on a resolution in mid-June.