Saint Regis Mohawk Health Services begins COVID-19 renovations



AKWESASNE (WWTI) — Renovations are underway at the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Health Services building in Akwesasne.

The Tribe’s Health Services announced the start of these renovations on Thursday as the renovations will aim to create a “pandemic-compliant facility.” According to Health Services, improvements began to the facility’s dental, pharmacy, main entrance and other common areas in response to COVID-19 requirements.

“Health Services continually strives to provide valuable medical care and resources to our clients however, improvements are needed to better facilitate access to the clinic due to COVID-19 restraints,” SRMT Health Director Michael Cook said in a press release. “When completed, the renovations will provide safer and more convenient usage of the facility for staff and client interactions.”

Renovations at the dental suite and customers service drive-through spaces will include the installation of an independent heating and cooling system to contain airflow and prevent circulation to other units.

A revised entrance will also be built in the dental suite, as well as a new reception area and enclosed dental operation rooms, separate office spaces, new sanitation units and upgraded equipment. During these renovations, a temporary dental trailer will be utilized.

Additionally, a customer service window, exit door and sidewalk are being added onto the clinic’s westside. Health Services stated that this will better accommodate orders and delivery of medications to patients.

The clinic’s main entryway will also be fully enclosed with glass walls, new doors and a new independent heating and cooling system will be installed before moving forward with renovating the restrooms and staff lounge.

Saint Regis Mohawk Health Services confirmed that renovations are expected to be complete in March 2022. Following completion, Health Services will move forward to the final phase of renovations, which will include improvements to the facility’s parking lot.

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