Samaritan Medical Center, regional hospitals partner for World Stroke Day


Courtesy: Majid Fotuhi
COVID-19 survivor in her late fifties developed confusion and had trouble speaking. MRI shows “significant damage” to memory and language centers of the brain: small strokes on the right side and encephalitis on the left.

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — October 29 is World Stroke Day, and hospitals in the region are collaborating to raise awareness.

Samaritan Medical Center, Crouse Health, Mohawk Valley Health System, St. Joseph’s Health and Upstate Medical University have partnered to recognize World Stroke Day. To raise awareness, the group is helping to educate of the signs of stroke.

The team has released two “Act FAST” public service announcements. The campaign aims to address the four signs of a stroke, including face dropping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, and when to call emergency responders. The promo is featured below.

Upstate Comprehensive Stroke Program Manager Josh Onyan, BSN, RN, SCRN, stated that stroke centers across the nation have reported a severe decrease in patients seeking care in a hospital due to novel coronavirus fears.

“We have created this message for our community so they not only know how to spot signs of stroke, but also to get the word out that our region’s hospitals are working together to remain a safe place to seek stroke care during this covid pandemic,” said Onyan.

Additionally, Samaritan Medical Center CEO Thomas Carman commented on the importance of this collaboration.

“On World Stroke Day, we celebrate our collaboration with the CNY Regional Stroke Advisory Council to care for stroke patients. This collective team has the knowledge, experience and dedication to care for any patient in need. During this pandemic, patients have been hesitant to seek care, but rest assured, we are here for you and we are safe,” said Carman.

The five hospitals are all members of the Central New York Regional Stroke Advisory Council. The council was formed in 2017 to provide information on stroke care, best practices and national guidelines.

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