CANTON, N.Y. (WWTI) — Here comes Santa Claus!

The Canton Chamber of Commerce has confirmed that the Big Man will be arriving in the village on Saturday, December 3 at noon.

Upon his arrival, he will be traveling around the village to visit local residents. Starting at the Canton Fire Station, he will first visit Fairlane, Rushton, Haley, Wood and Cary drives.

Santa will then drive out to State Street and Farmer Street. Santa also visit the following streets and roads in the listed order

  • Judson Street
  • Cleaveland Ave
  • Mildon Road
  • Goodrich Street
  • Pleasant Street
  • East Main Street
  • College Street
  • Elm Street
  • Park Street
  • Maple Street
  • Miner Street
  • Linoln Street
  • Buck
  • Gouverneur Street
  • Law Lane
  • Route 11
  • Commerce Lane
  • Martin Street
  • Court Street
  • Pearl Street
  • Porspect Street
  • Riverside Drive

Santa’s route will then conclude at the Canton Fire Station.