NEW YORK (WWTI) — A study by found a relatively surprising piece of information about small retailers and online shopping. Researchers analyzed responses from more than 1,200 small business owners across the United States.

The study found that about one in four small retailers do not have a website, and a third of businesses said they have never needed one. Out of all respondents 29% said that their customers are not online and 33% of respondents believe that social media can support their online needs.

“Any business that operates solely offline will miss the opportunity to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing customers who are looking for more convenience.” Startup and small business consultant Dennis Consorte said.

According to the report, one of the reasons small businesses do not have a website is because they simply cannot afford it. Specifically, 26% of small business said that they do not have the money to start a website, and 26% said they do not have the staff for it either, while 24% credit not having a website to lack of knowledge.

The report stated that online retail grew by 5.5% from 2019 to 2020, and also showed that the average consumer spends about six hours and 42 minutes online per day.