ADAMS, N.Y. (WWTI) — South Jefferson Central School District is voicing concerns regarding recent incidents on social media.

South Jefferson Superintendent Scott Slater issued a message to the community on Thursday discussing multiple Instagram accounts the District had been made aware of. According to Slater, three anonymous accounts have been created by students and mentioned other students by name.

Slater said that the accounts “disclose potentially embarrassing or hurtful information.” He said the District is concerned that this may be used to spread rumors.

The three accounts include South Jefferson in their usernames, one used to anonymously “tell confessions,” one claiming to be an official Instagram account of South Jefferson High School and one that has yet to have content, but with the intent of posting pictures of “public displays of affection.”

Superintendent Slater said that the District is now working with students to remind them of the “proper use of technology,” including social media etiquette and cyber-bullying.

“Given the social-emotional needs of our students brought on by the pandemic, it is critical that we continue partnering with parents to help support our students and to help with this social media issue,” Slater added in the message to parents.

However, Slater said there is little the District can do to monitor or stop the creation of these Instagram accounts, or any similar accounts. He urged parents and guardians to monitor their children’s social media presence.

The South Jefferson Central School District also confirmed it will continue to discipline students involved in cyber-bullying when it can.