St. Lawrence County Sensible People Party pushing for ‘non partisan’ local politics


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — A new political party has emerged in the North Country ahead of 2021 local elections.

Politicians and community members in St. Lawrence County have formed the Sensible People Party. This independent party recently came to light when it announced its endorsement of ten candidates for town and county seats.

“We’re voters, we’re candidates, and we were bringing the message to the county elections that the bitter partisan politics that’s occurring at a national level does not have to happen at the local level,” stated Sensible People Party Volunteer Scott Miller. “The local government charge is fundamental building roads, maintaining schools, municipal projects, water, and sewer, or judicial system.”

According to Miller, the party focuses on what he called “non partisan” politics.

“In St. Lawrence County, for example, we have a little over 60,000 registered voters. Only a third of them are registered Democrat and a third are registered Republican. The other third are not affiliated or registered in, in smaller parties. So we want to include all of them,” shared Miller.

Adding, “Every Republican, every non-affiliated, every Democrat, every liberal, every conservative rides on the roads; we want our road smooth. And the roads are not built by Republicans or Democrats, they’re built by all of us.”

The Sensible People Party began just this year. The party was officially started by St. Lawrence County Family Court Judge Candidate Alex Lesyk, who held these beliefs and began talking to other candidates and community members.

And as Miller expressed that he hopes the party continues to expand throughout the North Country, he also shared a message for young voters.

“[Young voters] have to educate themselves about whatever issues are at play at their particular town or at the county level,” expressed Miller. “They should speak with, with everyone involved. They can speak with liberals. They can speak with conservatives. They should realize that they have their own mind to make up and that they’re capable of doing so.”

The St. Lawrence County Sensisble People Party recently endorsed the following candidates:

  • Alexander Lesyk – St. Lawrence County Family Court Judge Candidate
  • Leah Payne Worden – Colton Town Council Candidate
  • Kirke Perry – Colton Town Supervisor Candidate
  • Nancy Charleston – Louisville Town Council Candidate
  • John O’Brien – Louisville Superintendent of Highways Candidate
  • Terri O’Keefe – Louisville Tax Collector Candidate
  • Shawn Thompson – Louisville Town Council Candidate
  • Richard Bump – Town of Norfolk Council Candidate
  • Allyssa Theobald Hardiman – Town of Potsdam Council Candidate
  • Lynn Hall – Town of Potsdam Council Candidate

All ten candidates will be on the ballot in the November 2021 election.

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