(WWTI) — Changes have been proposed for some of the practices followed along the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation has issued a notice that includes proposed revisions to Seaway practices and procedures.

The first revisions are in regards to landing booms on ships. The Corporation has proposed that ships more than 50 meters long should be equipped with at least one adequate landing boom on each side, in compliance with applicable regulations.

These ships would have to make arrangements with a “Tie-Up Service provider” at Seaway Approach walls prior to starting transit, have an inspection copy onboard and train its crew on the use of the landing booms.

Also included in the revisions are procedures on hot work permissions. If approved, the Seaway would grant permission for hot work if the ship provides a copy of its “Hot Work Permit” to the Corporation and name of the company performing the hot work, maintains effective fire watch, temporarily stops welding operation during meets and lockages and contains all sparks and flames.

The SLSMC has also proposed that every pleasure craft seeking to transit Canadian Locks will have to make a reservation on the Seaway’s website.

Any fees established by an agreement between Canada and the United States would be required to be paid by pleasure crafts for transit of each Canadian lock using the pleasure craft reservation system. Fees at U.S. locks would be paid in U.S. funds or through the pre-established equivalent in Canadian funds.

If enacted, these revisions would go into effect on March 21, 2022. The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation will be accepting comments through March 7, 2022.