ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — St. Lawrence University has created a new bachelor’s degree program that its students will be able to be a part of.

The university announced that its new biomedical sciences major will help prepare graduates for careers in health, medicine, or research through interdisciplinary learning and individualized career preparation. Students enrolled in the major will be housed in the Biology Department, and focus on gaining an understanding of the cellular, molecular, and physiological concepts relevant to human health, wellness, and disease.

The goal of the major is to prepare students for opportunities in emergency medical technician training, internships, and fellowships in research or the health care industry. The major also includes a pathway for students interested in health careers to complete courses required for medical school or dental school.

The new curriculum comes as a result of the “Experience St. Lawrence: The Task Force on Institutional Structure, Policy, and Planning” which was created in December of 2019. The organization was put in charge of reimaging a liberal arts education as well as recommending other pathways for education to stay current in today’s age.

Associate professor of biology and a faculty lead on the proposal to add the major to the curriculum Kari Heckman said they are proud to offer the new curriculum to students.

“Majors in biomedical science are not very common, so the opportunity for students to explore the very technical, cutting-edge aspects of the biological basis of health and disease within the liberal arts curriculum St. Lawrence provides is exciting,” Heckman said.

Heckman went on to explain how the major offers something new to students at the university.

“The major is distinct in that it focuses on health, the integration of non-science aspects of health, and the inclusion of a hands-on experience to create a uniquely packaged undergraduate experience,” Heckman said. “The hands-on, experiential learning component helps students acquire and hone skills and develop professional connections that will help them excel in graduate or professional studies and future careers.”

In addition to Heckman, other faculty and staff who helped develop the program include Professor of Biology and Psychology Ana Estevez, Professor of Biology Joe Erlichman, and Biology Academic Support Specialist Jane Kring. Students will be able to declare their biomedical sciences major in Fall 2022.