CANTON, N.Y. (WWTI) — On Tuesday, St. Lawrence University campus leaders released updates regarding changes to the University’s quarantine and isolation plan.

According to SLU Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Karl Schonberg and Vice President and Dean of Student Life Hagi Bradley, the University has adapted five-day isolation procedures as per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and New York State Department of Health.

This includes a minimum five-day isolation period for those who test positive for the coronavirus, as well as a quarantine for unvaccinated students.

However, St. Lawrence has also developed additional plans with input from local health officials as space and capacity remain limited on campus.

In SLU’s recent guidance, it confirmed that it has approximately 37 beds on campus for quarantines and isolations. The University also will have access to space rented at SUNY Canton, which will include an additional 100 beds if needed. Dining services is set to deliver quarantine and isolation meals for a student in these locations.

Bradley and Schonberg confirmed that if the University runs out of space for quarantine and isolation, students will be allowed to isolate themselves in their residence hall rooms if their roommate or suitemate agrees.

Students living in a residence with a COVID-positive roommate will be required to wear a KN95 or medical-grade mask in the room, use a non-sick bathroom and receive a rapid COVID-19 test immediately, and test five days later if negative. These students will still be permitted to go to class, dining halls and participate in activities.

The leaders added that if students cannot isolate in their rooms, those who live within 500 miles of campus would be required to isolate at home.

“We will do everything we can to make this an option of last resort for students who are required to isolate because we recognize the burden on the students and families,” Schonberg and Bradley said.

“We realize this is a difficult situation and we hope that case numbers decline quickly, as they have elsewhere. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all members of the Laurentian community for their resilience and flexibility. We enter the spring semester with a renewed commitment to providing the in-person residential experience that we all cherish, and by taking these early safety measures together we will ensure a great semester together this spring,” they added.

Full isolation and quarantine guidance can be found on the St. Lawrence University website.