CANTON, N.Y. (WWTI) — St. Lawrence University received a $10,000 grant that will support a public history project that explores feminism in the North Country during the 1970s and 1980s.

The grant that will support the research are being provided by the Council of Independent Colleges as part of their “Humanities Research for the Public Good” initiative. The research began this fall and is being conducted by four St. Lawrence undergraduate students.

The students are lead by Associate Professor of History Judith DeGroat, TAUNY’s Executive Director Jill Breit and Director of Research and Programs Camilla Ammirati. The three help the students comb through archives, gather newsletters and objects, and collect oral histories from activists who still live in the North Country.

DeGroat said the it’s important to provide students with an outlet to explore the history of their own community.

“Our students love learning about the wider community they are part of and TAUNY introduces them to it via the arts and culture in ways that provoke recognition of shared interests in the beauty of the natural world, a love of creativity and craft, and the desire to explore a sense of belonging,”DeGroat said. “The people who work at TAUNY appreciate the curiosity and willingness our students bring to their internships and make them feel welcome.”

Beginning in January 2022, the project team will host several events, including a TAUNY-hosted Community Collections Day and a public presentation at the St. Lawrence University Owen D. Young Library. The event will feature a Meet-and-Greet for residents connected to North Country intentional communities. The final project will be presented in a photo-narrative exhibit in May 2022.