St. Lawrence University students work honored in professor’s published research


Professor of Geology Antun Husinec, Luke Harvey ’18, Kent Hollands, an engineering technician at North Dakota Geological Survey, and Peter Moutevelis ’18 at the Core & Sample Library on the University of North Dakota’s campus in January 2017. (photo: St. Lawrence University)

CANTON, N.Y. (WWTI) — The memory of a student at St. Lawrence University is being honored through the research of a professor.

St. Lawrence University Professor of Geology Antun Husinec is honoring the life and work of Lukas “Luke” Harvey. Lukas Harvey worked alongside Husinec to co-author a research paper in the field of geology, but tragically passed away in March 2018.

According to the University, Harvey was known for ‘his outstanding academic record,” as he was awarded fellowships in the geological field and awards for his research.

However recently, Husinec announced that their research paper “Late Ordovician climate and sea-level record in a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic-evaporite lithofacies, Williston Basin, USA,” was published in a Elsevier’s journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. Their research studied environmental conditions that preceded a major glaciation over 400 million years ago, as well as a mass extinction that eliminated more than 80% of marine species.

According to Husinec the publishing of this research helped him to honor Harvey’s memory.

I worked closely with Luke for more than two years, first as his lab instructor in introductory geology, through the upper-level classes and a field course in Honduras, and finally as his summer research and thesis adviser,” stated Husinec. “Working with Luke was an incredibly enriching experience as he was not just a very talented and hard-working student, but was also a kind, honest, humble, and happy young man that everybody liked. He is deeply missed.”

Following Lukas Harvey’s passing, his family and friends established the Lukas Harvey ’18 Memorial Travel Award for Geology which is a grant that provides travel opportunities for geology students.


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