NEW YORK (WWTI) – Legislation S.2712B/A.4755B was signed into law recently to support local STOP-DWI programs by directing two of the mandatory surcharges currently assessed against those committing impaired driving offenses to fund local prevention programs. This law provides essential resources to support county-level, community-led interventions to protect NY residents.

“As a former County Clerk, I know how critical our local STOP-DWI programs are to protecting our families across the state from impaired driving, — Community led interventions are the most effective methods we have, and I am proud to sign this legislation to provide them direct support.”

Governor Kathy Hochul

NYS is a recognized leader in traffic safety and combatting impaired driving, establishing the first Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Impaired (STOP-DWI) in the country. Since 1981, STOP-DWI has delivered thousands of training and intervention programs in schools and community centers, using a general deterrence model focused on prevention, incapacitation, reform and behavior change. 

This new law will direct two surcharges imposed in connection with DUI convictions to the applicable county’s STOP-DWI program. Since their inception, STOP-DWI programs have been funded by fines included in sentences imposed for impaired driving offenses. In recent years, as mandatory surcharges and other fees have been imposed on impaired driving convictions in addition to the base fine, funding for STOP-DWI has fallen by as much as 50 percent in some counties, jeopardizing the financial stability of essential programs.