WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWTI) — The fight to reopen the Northern Border continues.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has sent a letter to each of Canada’s provincial and territorial premiers requesting a partnership and assistance in reopening travel across the U.S.- Canada border.

According to Stefanik, this follows the Canadian government’s easing quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated Canadian residents while leaving the border.

“For over a month I have urged the Biden Administration to begin unilaterally reopening the northern border to Canadians seeking to travel to the U.S., as this would have an immediate impact on families and businesses along the border.” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “With Canada’s move to ease restrictions on vaccinated Canadians, I am hoping they will follow the science and extend the same treatment to the many Americans who’ve been waiting for over a year to visit their homes or loved ones in Canada. Restoring the special U.S. – Canadian partnership will require the collective resolve of leaders on both sides of the border, and I am asking Canada’s Premiers to join me in this effort.”

In part, Congresswoman Stefanik’s full letter stated:

As the conditions have significantly improved in both countries and an increasing number of residents have been vaccinated, the lack of meaningful progress towards reopening has been devastating to communities on both sides of our border. Quite simply – the continual month-long extensions without clear signs of coordination or progress are straining the U.S. – Canada partnership.

Further stating:

Since the Canadian government recently announced the first – albeit very modest – step towards removing travel restrictions by ending the 14-day quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents that test negative for COVID-19 prior to and upon arrival, I believe there is a clear opportunity for long-awaited progress. I ask for your support and assistance in providing parity to American citizens seeking to enter Canada who meet the same requirements imposed on Canadians returning from travel. This is a sensible step forward that will bring immediate relief to border communities as we continue our work towards fully restoring cross-border travel.

The full letter can be read on Congresswoman Stefanik’s website.