SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (WWTI) — SUNY Empire State College is meeting the needs of professionals and individuals working with autism spectrum disorders.

SUNY Empire announced on August 6 that the launch of the statewide Center for Autism Inclusivity making Empire a fully autism- supportive college.

The center is partnered with Anderson Center for Autism, and will help to educate the college’s staff on how to meet the needs of students with autism in both in-person, and online learning environments.

The Center for Autism Inclusivity will work with high schools throughout New York state to identify qualified students with autism spectrum disorders to enroll at SUNY Empire.

According to SUNY Empire, this program is the first of its kind to offer additional support for students with autism in completely remote programs.

The center is planning to develop new degree programs, such as a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis, that works to address educational, emotional, and social needs of those with autism.

“As a society, we have an obligation to never stop fighting to create a more fair and equal society that values the contributions of all people, including those with different and special abilities,” said Representative Joe Morelle. “I applaud SUNY Empire and the Anderson Center for Autism for their work to create a more accessible future for students, caretakers, and families across New York state.”

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