POTSDAM, N.Y. (WWTI) – An open-access music theory and analyst workbook has been created by three faculty members from SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music.

Fundamentals, Function, and Form Student Workbook“, released by Milne Open Textbooks, can be read online with fully integrated audio samples throughout or it is also available as a free download with the score excerpts and audio files also available for download. This new population was authored by three associate professors in the Department of Music Theory, History and Composition: Dr. Ivette Herryman Rodriguez, Dr. Andre Mount and Dr. Jerod Sommerfeldt.

The book covers basic topics such as rhythm, meter and pitch and progresses through polyphony, chromatic harmony and musical form with exercises tailored to each topic.

This open-access publication is accompanied by an instructor manual with a workbook designed to supplement an earlier publication titled “Fundamentals, Function, and Form: Theory and Analysis of Tonal Western Art Music” first authored by Mount in 2020.

Each chapter in the textbook has a corresponding chapter in the workbook so students may move freely between the two. However, the exercises in the workbook are also designed so that they can be used independently from the textbook making the workbook equally suitable for self-guided learners.