(WWTI) — Individuals have the perfect excuse to enjoy a cold one on Thursday.

April 7 marks National Beer Day and celebrates the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage according to the National Day Calendar website. They also stated that beer ranks in the top three most popular drinks overall, being beat by only water and tea.

According to the website, beer is one of the world’s oldest beverages, dating back to 9500 BC when cereal was first farmed. It is also recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt.

The official holiday was inspired by when President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer in 1933. However, at the time the drink was required to remain below 4.0% alcohol by volume.

The official day was created by Justin Smith who was a Virginia Craft Beer Examiner, and his friend Mike Connolly from Liverpool in England, according to the website. In 2009, Smith and Connolly created a National Beer Day Facebook page celebrating the holiday on April 7 coinciding with Roosevelt’s Cullen-Harrison Act.

To celebrate the holiday individuals are encouraged to grab a beer and spend some time with friends or post their beer-filled glasses on social media with #NationalBeerDay. Those celebrating are reminded to drink responsibility.