WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) – United Way of Northern New York is providing critical need items to nonprofit partners and communities throughout Northern New York.

The focus is on critical need, low accessibility items such as toilet paper, baby diapers, baby food and cereal, baby formula, paper products, rubber gloves and household cleaners.

Human service, nonprofit organizations throughout Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties will be the points of access for the public.

“In normal times, the most vital commodity for human service nonprofits is cash, which allows the purchase of needed items and ability to meet payroll requirements,” said CEO Jamie Cox. “Right now, the curve is a bit inverted, in that most organizations cannot access some of the most important items that each community requires to stay afloat.”

United Way of Northern New York created multiple partnerships to gain quick access to supply chains. In combination with traditional commercial supplier accounts and donated warehouse space from MonthlyBoxer, owned by Alex Morgia, the UWNNY is working to fill the gaps in Northern New York.

“There are incredible people in the North Country doing extraordinary things,” Cox stated. “The ability to break down traditional silos and create an even greater outcome is quite powerful. That’s also helping us prepare for the next phases of this crisis, which will bring a different set of challenges to the table.”

UWNNY has been receiving a significant number of inquires regarding drives for food pantries.

The organization stated in a release, “Unfortunately, the challenges of the virus require the food pantries to source goods through known, sanitary organizations that can keep products in a sterile environment through procurement, transportation and delivery.”

Individuals and businesses interested in supporting the crisis fund, which is used to purchase and distribute critical goods, can do so online at the UWNNY Crisis Fund website.

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