WATERTOWN, NY – The United Way of Northern New York is will be moving from its current office space at 120 Washington St, Suite 201, to The Marcy Building at 167 Polk St., Suite 300.

The organization said the relocation marks a significant step in the its ongoing commitment to enhance community partnerships and foster a stronger network of local nonprofits. 

A spokesperson for the organization said the decision to move arose when United Way’s leaseholder approached the organization with a request to vacate its current space to accommodate the business expansion of another tenant. The organization said they agreed to the request, recognizing the importance of supporting local businesses and facilitating community growth. 

The Marcy Building, owned and operated by Neighbors of Watertown, stood out as an ideal location, strategically positioning the United Way closer to numerous local nonprofits. The move will enable the United Way to better align with its mission to “Live United” by immersing itself in the heart of where exceptional nonprofit work unfolds each day, according to the organization.

Jake Johnson, the current leaseholder of the property on Washington Street, expressed his gratitude for the United Way’s understanding and collaboration during the transition. “We are truly grateful for how gracious the United Way has been throughout this process. Their commitment to the community is unwavering, and the invaluable work they do greatly impacts the lives of individuals across Northern New York,” Johnson said. 

Dawn Cole, CEO of the United Way of Northern New York, is just as enthusiastic about the organization’s move and its dedication to facilitating both business and community welfare. “We are delighted to embrace this new chapter in our journey. The relocation allows us to contribute to the advancement of local businesses while bringing our base of operations closer to a vibrant network of nonprofit organizations. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to deepen our connections and collaborate more closely with mission-focused agencies,” she said. 

The United Way of Northern New York will commence operations at its new location in The Marcy Building, Suite 300, on Thursday, June 1.

The organization extends its sincere appreciation to the local community for their ongoing support and understanding as the move takes place and looks forward to continuing its vital work in creating positive, lasting change.