CANTON, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Canton Board of Trustees and Sustainability Committee is working with Joule Community Power to give residents within the village the option to utilize renewable energy.

The new energy source would be offered through Community Choice Aggregation, which is a program that would allow the Village to offer residents and small businesses the benefits of renewable electricity supply. The program would make this possible by pooling local electricity demand to leverage the collective buying power of residents and small businesses.

The Village would participate in a bid process for a CCA electricity supply rate. If the rates are favorable and the program benefits Village residents, an electricity supplier would be selected and eligible residents and businesses would receive information about the program, their choices, and information on how to opt-out.

The Village will be hosting a virtual session on June 1, and June 16, at 6 p.m. to provide more information about the program. The public information sessions are scheduled to help residents make informed decisions about this program. The sessions will provide general information, explain the benefits of participation by Village residents and small businesses, and answer any questions.

The Village Board is encouraging public participation and is interested in hearing residents’ thoughts and questions about the possible renewable energy option. The links for the sessions can be found at Joules Community Power website or by calling (888) 985-2211. Future in-person information meetings will be held for those who cannot or prefer not to participate in an online format.