(WWTI) — Billions of dollars in gift card value has gone unused in recent years, despite gift cards being the most popular type of gift for the 15th consecutive year in 2021, according to WalletHub.

The personal finance website compared the 50 most popular gift card options across five major categories to rank 2021’s best gift cards, including:

  • How popular the cards are
  • How much of a discount you can buy them for
  • How much you can sell them for
  • How much people like the retailer
  • Shipping fees

WalletHub’s Best Gift Cards for 2021

Gift CardWalletHub Score Gift Card Popularity Rank Shipping or Purchase Fees Average Buyer Discount Average Resale Value ($100 gift card) Retailer Rating (out of 5) 
Starbucks Gift Card605$0.005.04%$74.192.75
Target Gift Card604$0.004.80%$74.843.06
Nike Gift Card5514$0.005.45%$76.942.57
Chick-fil-A Gift Card559$0.003.00%$79.612.50
iTunes Gift Card556$0.002.83%$75.002.90
Walmart Gift Card513$0.001.79%$78.121.97
eBay Gift Card517$0.000.55%$86.501.88
Visa Gift Card512$5.900.00%$92.001.60
American Express Gift Card5010$3.95N/A$92.002.25
REI Gift Card5024$0.007.40%$79.652.29
Ikea Gift Card5031$0.006.10%$82.632.45
Google Play Gift Card508$0.004.58%$73.002.02
Old Navy Gift Card4550$0.008.09%$76.702.33
Texas Roadhouse Gift Card4532$0.005.87%$76.062.09
Nordstrom Gift Card4525$0.005.40%$72.672.24
Amazon Gift Card451$0.003.00%N/A2.53
Sephora Gift Card4523$0.002.75%$75.492.15
Apple Store Gift Card4538$0.002.30%$86.002.08
Home Depot Gift Card4512$0.001.98%$75.002.03
Netflix Gift Card4516$0.001.38%$81.502.74
Disney Gift Card4511$0.001.35%$77.432.30
Hobby Lobby Gift Cards4329$1.005.96%$76.102.29
Michaels Gift Card4136$1.9511.72%$69.402.85
SONIC Gift Card4141$0.008.80%$75.571.60
Olive Garden Gift Card4134$1.957.43%$76.292.72
Ticketmaster Gift Card4117$0.003.00%$79.001.44
Zara Gift Card4139$0.003.00%$81.751.62
Hot Topic Gift Card4147$0.002.43%$80.761.75
Kroger Gift Card4121$0.000.80%$82.001.81
Costco Gift Card4030$0.00N/A$87.392.04
Red Lobster Gift Card4048$0.006.60%$70.002.63
T.J. Maxx Gift Card4037$0.004.08%$79.002.78
Chipotle Gift Card4018$2.403.99%$77.632.40
Lowe’s Gift Card4045$0.003.84%$75.192.07
Best Buy Gift Card4019$0.001.43%$78.162.53
Whole Foods Gift Card4033$0.001.25%$81.282.98
McDonald’s Gift Card4020$2.951.10%$81.282.50
American Airlines Gift Card3649$4.954.27%$87.791.90
Macy’s Gift Card3622$0.003.35%$73.361.83
Subway Gift Card3540$0.003.22%$73.102.23
Taco Bell Gift Card3527$2.403.20%$77.152.09
Safeway Gift Card3546$0.000.33%$78.762.02
Cabela’s Gift Card3142$0.004.69%$70.601.94
Dunkin Donuts Gift Card3113$1.503.12%$58.762.77
Wawa Gift Card3143$7.990.64%$82.011.90
MasterCard Gift Card3128$5.900.00%$92.001.40
Etsy Gift Card3015$0.00N/AN/A2.11
GameStop Gift Card3026$0.003.71%$68.772.51
Kohl’s Gift Card2635$0.001.85%$72.301.91
QVC Gift Card2044$0.000.74%N/A2.67

For those searching for advice on how to select the right gift cards, WalletHub has tips on their website for getting the best ones.