WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) – The City of Watertown is asking its residents to report any crow sightings over the next two nights.

In a press release, the city encouraged all its citizens to report crow sightings to Loomacres
Wildlife Management at www.airportwildlife.com/crows.html. If anyone sees crows roosting in their neighborhood, particularly at dusk or the early evening hours, share this information, as the reports will help disburse the nuisance crow flocks.

Loomacres receives real-time updates whenever its online reporting system receives a report, so
sightings reported on or immediately before harassment nights are especially valuable to biologists in the field. This information allows them to identify major roost locations and strategically target these parts of the City.

The company will be continuing its efforts to haze nuisance crow flocks within the City during the evening hours of Monday, November 13 as well as both the morning and evening hours of
Tuesday, November 14, so reports on or before those dates will greatly assist those efforts.