WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Watertown is once again working to control nuisance crow flocks within the City limits.

At the request of the City of Watertown, wildlife biologists from Loomacres Wildlife Management will continue crow hazing efforts on November 16 and November 17. This will occur during the evening hours on both days.

According to Loomacres, harassment methods used to disperse crows include pyrotechnics, lasers, air rifles and other devices. Many of these methods will produce loud noises and flashing lights that strategically frighten the birds. They will sound similar to sirens and fireworks and may be heard by local residents.

In addition to these harassment efforts, Watertown residents are urged to report crow flocks to Loomacres. Reports are asked to include the location, estimated size, dates and times of sighting in their neighborhoods. These reports are used to identify major roost locations and strategically target these parts of the City.

Crow flock sighting can be reported on Loomacres’ online reporting system or by calling Loomacres toll-free number at 1-800-243-1462.