WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The gas prices in Watertown are continuing to drop, along with national and state gas price averages.

According to AAA Western and Central New York, the national average price for a gallon of gasoline was $4.68 on July 11, meaning prices were down 13 cents from the previous week and down 12 cents since the week before. The New York State average was $4.80 which was a nine-cent decrease from the week before.

In Watertown, gas prices dropped three cents since last Tuesday averaging at $4.90 on July 11. Other areas across NYS saw similar drops. The specific rates are listed below.

  • Batavia – $4.72 (down 8 cents from last Tuesday)
  • Buffalo – $4.76 (down 5 cents from last Tuesday)
  • Elmira – $4.79 (down 8 cents from last Tuesday)
  • Ithaca – $4.86 (down 5 cents from last Tuesday)
  • Rochester – $4.86 (down 7 cents from last Tuesday)
  • Rome – $4.90 (down 5 cents from last Tuesday)
  • Syracuse – $4.81 (down 7 cents from last Tuesday)

AAA stated that early last week, unleaded gasoline dropped below $5 a gallon at about 80% of gas stations across the country. Additionally, oil prices dropped amid broad market concern regarding a potentially slow, or even stall, of economic growth due to rising interest rates and inflation.

A lower economic growth rate than expected could cause crude demand to further decline according to AAA, leading pump prices to follow suit. On July 11, oil prices were at $103 to $105 which was a slight decrease from the $103 to $107 per barrel prices that were recorded last Tuesday.

Motorists are encouraged to conserve fuel in any way they can, such as mapping out routes, avoiding peak travel times like rush hour, and combining errands into one trip while using cruise control if possible. Drivers are also advised to check their tire pressure so it’s at its recommended level for the best gas mileage and remove any unnecessary bulky items from their car.