WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The average price for gasoline dropped slightly across the nation on Monday.

According to AAA Western and Central New York, gas prices dropped three cents in one week as the average hit $4.98 on June 20. New York as a whole saw an identical drop of three cents as it hit $5.01.

Despite the slight nation and statewide drops, prices at the pump increased locally in the North Country. At the time of the update from AAA, Watertown gas prices averaged $4.98, which was a two-cent increase from a week prior.

Additional local rates across New York are listed below:

  • Batavia: $4.89
  • Buffalo: $4.89
  • Elmira: $4.97
  • Ithaca: $4.98
  • Rochester: $4.97
  • Rome: $4.98
  • Syracuse: $4.96
  • Watertown: $4.98

According to AAA, crude oil prices dropped last week amid concerns regarding slower economic growth. AAA said that slower than expected economic growth could cause crude demand to decline, leading to lower oil prices.

AAA warned, however, that oil prices remain volatile. Drivers are urged to conserve fuel during this time by mapping routes, avoiding peak traffic times, combining errands into one trip and making sure tire pressure is at the vehicle’s recommended level.