Watertown man biking entire east coast to support local performing arts group


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — A North Country man is using his bike to support the local performing arts industry.

Chris Stowell is a designer, and electrician in the theater industry in New York City. He spent the past several years working and living in New York City where he became more interested in the biking community.

However, his career started right here in Watertown, New York with the local group Stage Notes.

Stowell shared that he got his start with Stage Notes Director Ticia Marra when he started to taking piano lesson.

“The piano lessons turned into vocal lessons when I became a little older,” stated Stowell. “Then when she began talking about creating Stage Notes in 2009, she approached me with the idea.”

Chris was in the early days of Stage Notes, being in the first production the group ever led and is now giving back by riding his bike over 3,000 miles.

He will ride his bike from Key West in Florida, to the top of Maine; ultimately the entire East coast of the United States. Throughout his journey, he will be connecting with his followers through his blog and social media.

Additionally, supporters will also have the option to donate, or add a song to a playlist for a smaller donation.

Stowell expressed, “it would be great to have music to listen to and know that people that are supporting me are the ones who chose the music for me.”

And after one year has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic shut the lights down on Broadway, Stowell shared how he hopes his journey will encourage young performers or those hoping to enter the industry, overcome unprecedented challenges.

“Yeah, the theater industry might be a little different after this, but that’s something that can be really exciting because, you know, if you’re young and getting into theater, it might not be, you know, the way how you saw Phantom of the Opera when you were a kid, but you might be able to experience a brand new way that a production is being done, that we never would have thought of,” Stowell stated.

Chris will take off for his tour on April 1, 2021, and all funds raised throughout his journey will go back to Stage Notes in the Northern New York community.

Pedal for a Purpose: Bike for Stage Notes can be followed on Chris’ website and social media.

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