WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — On November 7, 2023, Sarah Compo-Pierce made history.

While at her election party in downtown Watertown, she claimed victory as the city’s first female mayor in its 154-year history.

She took the win with nearly 70% of the votes over her opponent Lisa Ruggiero.

“I’m feeling extremely excited and incredibly humbled that the voters came out in force and put their confidence in me to be the city’s next leader,” Compo-Pierce said in a post-election interview.

Compo-Pierce served on Watertown City Council since 2019. However, she started her political career with former State Senator Patty Ritchie.

She served as Ritchie’s chief of staff for over six years.

“I had a front-row seat to witness what it looks like to be somebody who is there for the right reasons and helping people and effecting positive change,” the Mayor-Elect explained.

It’s these experiences that Compo-Pierce says will help her lead the city and boost its reputation.

Her mayoral opponent Lisa Ruggiero will remain on city council for the next two years.

“In the past couple of years, we have had a number of arguments, very public arguments, bickering back and forth, heated tempers,” Compo-Pierce explained. “The negativity that I’ve seen from some members of council is in the past. It’s time to move forward and do good things for the city.”

The Mayor-Elect added that she hopes she and city council can get to work quickly.

But as Watertown’s first female mayor, she wants to set an example for other young women in the community. Including her one-year-old daughter.

“I know that in a few years, in a couple of years, she will, I hope, be proud of me and what I’ve accomplished,” Watertown’s New Mayor said. “And I hope that not only for her but for countless other young women in the community, I can be an example of shattering glass ceilings and achieving things that haven’t been done before. If you’re willing to put in the effort.”

All City of Watertown council and mayoral members are non-party affiliated.