WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The sun is out and construction is back in downtown Watertown.

This is part of the City’s ongoing Downtown Revitalization Initiative Streetscape Project which reached its halfway point in the Fall of 2023. Projects include work on the Roswell Flower Memorial Monument, Lachenaeur Plaza and down Court Street.

According to City Planner Geoff Urda, traffic delays should be expected in these areas due to street closures and construction work. This includes at the intersections of Washington and Stone Streets and Arcade and Arsenal Streets.

“We’ll try out best to give 48 hours’ notice ahead of any closures,” Urda confirmed. “But it will be inevitable as needs arise.”

These traffic delays will be temporary, but there will be some permanent changes. The City is set to pilot reverse parking in the downtown area.

This would require motorists to back into all parking spaces on the street versus pulling forward. Urda explained that the hope is to improve pedestrian safety through reverse parking.

“The way the parking is now, when you open your door, you’re actually taking a couple of steps toward moving traffic, toward the travel lane when you get out,” he said. “With this, when you’re opening your door, you’re stepping towards the sidewalk when you get out of the car. Your door is between you and moving traffic.”

Reverse parking is currently being utilized in places like Auburn, New York. The City will first implement it down Court Street and potentially expand to other areas surrounding Public Square.

Other improvements include sidewalk expansions and safety expansions at the Flower Monument and Lachenauer Plaza.

All projects are expected to be completed by Fall 2023.