WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Victory! The Watertown Wolves are champions.

In the final game of the Federal Prospects Hockey League championships, the Watertown Wolves took a win over the Columbus River Dragons in double overtime. The final score was 3-2.

The game on Monday was the third game in a three-game series.

The Wolves previously fell to the River Dragons 2-3 in the first game on April 29, but then claimed the win on May 1 with a score of 4-1.

In the final game, the Wolves had 46 shots on goal and the River Dragons had 54.

Wolves’ goals were scored by Ahmed Mahfouz in the first period, Jimmy Lodge in the second period and Lane King in double overtime. Assisting in the goals were Wolves Captain Justin MacDonald, Alexander Jmaeff, Ahmed Mahfouz and Cole McKechney.

The Wolves also held seven out of the ten penalties, most of which were in the first period.

In the final game, three stars were named which included Wolves Players Lane King and Ahmed Mahfouz and River Dragons Player Josh Pietrantonio.

Following the win, the FPHL Commissioners Cup was claimed by the Wolves and returned to “the den” in Watertown.