WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — A new free lifestyle challenge is coming to the North Country.

The Watertown Family YMCA is preparing to launch its STRONG Challenge, a 30-day challenge that focuses on the mind, body and spirit. This program is being led by YMCA Senior Director of Health and Wellness Michelle Graham, who said the program comes at a perfect time.

“COVID has been so tough for people, and I think this is really a safe way to bring individuals together,” Graham said. “So the STRONG Challenge is the quintessential program that really focuses on embracing the mind, body and soul.”

The STRONG challenge, Graham said, is different than a “typical” health challenge. It focuses on bringing the community together, offering activities for the whole family. Specifically, it will include free and virtual content.

Activities in the challenge will include workout routines, classes, recipes, nutritional advice, playlists, meditation series and more.

As it is open to the entire community, a YMCA membership is not required. Those who are not a member will still be permitted to utilize all local facilities and will be granted three guest passes throughout the duration of the 30-day challenge.

“We’re really excited to welcome the community into the YMCA, to sort of test the waters if you will. And just see what it’s like to really maybe try some of our classes or get in the pool or have some fun with us,” Graham said.

The YMCA previously led a similar challenge, called the RESET Challenge in the later winter months of 2021, which connected participants locally and on a national scale. Graham said the STRONG Challenge will build on these ideas, but be organized through texts or emails.

Participants will receive four text messages, or emails each week, that will include challenges, fun content and “ways to get STRONG.”

The YMCA’s STRONG Challenge will officially kick off on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. Individuals can register for the program by texting “STRONG to 844-889-6222 or by emailing mgraham@nnyymca.org for the email option.