WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — It’s a historic election for the City of Watertown.

The 2023 General Election will name the City’s first woman mayor. Candidates Sarah Compo-Pierce and Lisa Ruggiero have run head-to-head for months after serving together on City Council for years.

Pierce and Ruggiero cast their vote early on Election Day. Pierce arrived at her polling site with her husband and daughter.

“My campaign has done a great job at demonstrating to the voters why I’m the best candidate for mayor,” Pierce said. “We stuck to the issues we’ve made sure to convey my priorities if elected, and I think those are really resonating with people. I think people are seeing the need for improved fiscal responsibility and transparency in the city, and those have been two of the tenets of my campaign. And I think that, again, those have resonated with people.”

Ruggiero submitted her ballot next to her husband.

“If people heard my message, read my message, then they would realize who is best qualified and has the most experience to lead Watertown through the next four years,” Ruggiero stated. “I think I have been prepared for this. A lot of my work experience and community experience, I feel, has made me ready to lead. And that’s what I will do day one.”

Both candidates have urged voters to get to the polls.

However, election inspectors said the turnout was steady Tuesday morning. At the Stone Presbyterian Church and inspector explained that there was a voter every minute and ten seconds.

Polls will close at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, November 7.

Check back with ABC50 throughout Election Night for results in Watertown’s Mayoral race.